One of the best purchases of the year. Breeze is for those who like their plug-ins to-the-point and easy-to-use, as there’s really nothing superfluous to be found here. Like Aether , Breeze’s reverbs are very lush. This is really the only reoccurring criticism we ever encounter, and generally it applies to Aether and B2 where we offer some very extreme things; however, as we started the next generation of our reverb development we decided to make this our number one priority. Breeze 2 Breeze 1 Reviews. Furthermore, if playback is stopped for a coffee break, lunch break, or overnight, processing is automatically suspended, potentially saving you significant money on your electric bill.

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I mean you could put a guitar into any of these and it’ll sound amazing.

Our Verdict 2CAudio has hit another home run with this excellent workhorse reverb. First up, the Time control can be dialled from ms all the way to infinity – ie, a ‘hold’ setting, which is great for huge-sounding FX. To me these are by far the most natural sounding reverbs currently available. It’s a pleasure to report that Breezw is, by 2caudio breeze, less CPU-intensive and much easier 2caudio breeze grasp. It’s a joy to employ and comes very highly recommended indeed.

The 2CAudio guys are developing innovative new algorithms, and I have a huge amount of admiration for that.

Gone are the metallic and artificial discrete echoes of some cheaper plugin verbs. The tails are sooo smooth. Just as useful are the Width and Cross sliders that allow you to adjust the stereo image of the reverb 2caudio breeze they’re great for reining in overly large sounding presets or expanding small ones. It’s primarily a bright and airy affair, but darker sounds can be configured as well.


The excellent manual goes into great detail on this. We think that is pretty cool. Even at its most CPU-intensive settings Breeze 2 still beats all of the modern competition when 2caudio breeze look at algorithms of even remotely 2cajdio complexity and realism.

As a film composer, I’ve been on the lookout for a “holy grail” reverb plugin for some time.

Breeze 2 by 2CAudio Review | StrongMocha

I put one the halls on a piano and just could not stop playing Breeze is a product 2caudio breeze is well known for its ease of use and pristine sound. 2caudio breeze, it’s the only breeae I’ve heard to this point that gives me that sound 2caudip until today. Most usefully, Breeze adjusts its output level automatically, producing a similar volume regardless of what adjustments you make or presets you choose. Show Your True Colors Excellent presets and sound. These controls are more advanced than your typical stereo width adjustment, and even affect how the reverb algorithm works.

Breeze 2 by 2CAudio Review

While Breeze has much in common with its forebear, it’s not a straight cut-down version of it. Ultra low CPU usage as explained below is great, but there is one thing even better: As for its steam, you can quickly scale Breeze 2 to more than instances per project. It’s more than twice as light, twice as pristine, simpler, prettier, and vastly more powerful. The 2caudio breeze release in January will also be offered with blazing-fast AVX support as well, supporting bleeding edge machines such as Apple’s iMacPro, making it one of, if not the, first commerical audio plugin to support AVX We hear you, and in answer to your requests we 2caudio breeze you the Breeze Simplicity Expansion.


We believe it is one of our best efforts to date!


Friday, January 4, The CPU performance is excellent. We tried a few years ago in fact and failed. Buying a copy of Breeze right now It’s a joy to employ and comes very highly recommended indeed. The tool is supported by a wide range of presets that can be expanded with additional packs. The relatively conservative control count means it’s quick to get to grips with and doesn’t leave you 2caudio breeze your head as to how best to proceed, as 2caudio breeze be the case with Aether.

Like Aether, Breeze’s reverbs are very lush.