Outside of Palace functions, Alera falls apart. Do I have to suffer through long stretches of boredom? I almost wished Alera fell in love with her bodyguard instead. Narian could probably kill her parents in front of her and the ending would still be about how they can finally get together, cuz the war’s done! It also aggravated me how most of everything bad happening in the story was a result of Alera’s stupidity or carelessness. Her entire character is passive, right down to the romance.

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Aplegiance Preview See allegiance cayla kluver Problem? The story would be much better off without her. Preview — Allegiance by Cayla Kluver. The talent this nineteen year old withholds is enormous, she has created complex and dynamic characters and landscapes, and they seem so real and tangible. Views Read Edit View history. I felt a little winded reading Allegiance only because nothing exciting happened in the first pages.

Some of the characters seem a bit too forgiving of what would be considered war crimes today and the story puts too much blame on the Overlord, who I feel sort of falls into the trap of being a cliched psychopath. She is selfish to the bone. Allegiancee loved it but there were a couple of parts that made me really mad. In the end though, Alera did manage to change for the better, nearly redeeming allegiance cayla kluver in my eyes. There is plenty of intrigue, suspense, love and war to go around.


No matter the length, you’ll be sucked into this story once again with an even stronger yearning for more.

Legacy (novel series)

This book had no such problems. Legacy is her first novel.

Alera points out that even if Narian “saves” her sister’s life by, you know, invading her country and utterly destroying it, killing thousands and raping and pillaging and whatnot, what the hell kind of place does kluvre sister have to come back to? A few times allegiance cayla kluver story dwells on Alera’s new husband trying to convince her to sleep with him through reasoning words and physical advances, but since she loves another she tells him she is not ready.

I kept thinking all through Legacy that it’s okay, this is a bildungsroman, Alera will grow into her role and end up likeable. The wonderful thing is that in a,legiance process, the two becomes the same. Eventually, it attracted the attention of Harlequin Teen. The first half of alleglance book is a safe cruise with bursts of danger thrown in between, but everything after that is heart-racing! There’s a nice mix between the romance aspect of the allegiance cayla kluver and the action.

How could such a woman be so weak? Honestly its k,uver looking into the mind of a selfish, idiot Honestly I can not finish this book. Allegiance immediately picks up where Legacy left off.

She spends most of the story in her room, sleeping or hiding from Steldor. He couldn’t help his past any more than he could help the way those intense, deep blue eyes pierced me and held me captive. No long arrogant and completely chauvanistic, he begins to show a great deal more compassion towards Alera.


The problem is the parts that are good are pretty good, but there are parts that are horrendous, and unfortunately, those are the parts that supposedly are the allegiance cayla kluver allegance of the story.

Just like in the first book, I loved London!

Legacy (novel series) – Wikipedia

I could have been in a battle! I can imagine this same series, just done so much better, that it’s even more frustrating than if it were all just terrible. Allegiance was a really good sequel idea for the story, but i just allegiance cayla kluver it was cala another person’s POV.

He couldn’t help his past any more than he could help the way those intense, deep-blue eyes pierced me and held me captive. Home Contact Us Help Free delivery worldwide. The only times I was forced to put the book down were driving home from the coffee shop and when I grabbed the bag of pepperonis that classified as my dinner.