Had Dick Rowe been informed of this, history could have been quite different. Smith later even admitted that the label pretty much had to send someone to check out the group, so important was the NEMS account to the sales department. They should have seen our potential. Were the tapes submitted to Pye from the Decca session, or were they from something else? He travelled back to London for further meetings with Decca, even promising their sales team that he’d buy 3, copies of any Beatles single they released.

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Or do you simply want to leave a comment? Telegraph Media Group Limited. Can’t Buy Me Love. Written by Lennon – McCartney.

The Beatles’ Decca audition – Wikipedia

But that early stuff is interesting. Written by Ted AuditinoHarry B. The Beatles subsequently came to believe that Epstein had paid Decca to tape the audition. He sold it to the current owner who was one of the top buyers for Hard Rock Cafe but it was for his own personal collection. I was never told about that at the time. For while many of the songs from the Decca tape have few or no backup vocals, here the Beatles sound like a real group, John and Paul singing the verse in unison, Lennon engaging in some nice call-and-response backup harmonies in the bridge with Paul and George.

As for the Beatles, as heartbroken as they must have been when the word came down beatles decca audition Decca in Februarywas it really that bad a thing in the long run?

But after one listen, it’s obvious that Best was beatlew limited drummer with a poor sense of timekeeping. Deccw terms of how they were as beatles decca audition.


The Beatles’ Decca audition

Inthe Beatles would go from a band with a strong local following to the biggest rock group in all of England. Why do we automatically assume that the Decca audition is the beatles decca audition one that exists? In another foreshadowing of a device the Beatles often used later, the very end of the song takes off in a surprising melodic direction, McCartney drawing out the syllables of the last line before suddenly ascending into a near-falsetto as the guitars play a brief sequence not heard anywhere else in yet similar to the rest of the song.

He was too nervous and his voice started cracking up. Furthermore, the audition gave Epstein some good-quality recordings of the group, on reel-to-reel, enabling him to take them around the remaining London beatles decca audition.

At the Hamburg Star-Club recorded almost exactly a year later, and on their earliest surviving handwritten setlist, probably from mid This page was last edited on 20 Decemberat The tempos sometimes wavered and the lead vocals quavered, particularly on some notes when McCartney reached into the upper register.

Joseph Brush Thursday 24 September And as much as we tried to be friendly, it was a foreign area for them to be in. In what is considered one of the biggest mistakes in music industry history, Decca rejected the band, selecting instead Brian Poole and the Tremeloes.

The Beatles Decca Audition

In fact, I loved the record and played it constantly. Though Paul excelled at this kind of rockabilly material, his voice here is as beagles as it ever was ddecca any time on any tape, and the song is taken a shade too fast, lacking the break into double-time in the bridge that distinguished the most imaginative version they did on the BBC.


When the EMI deal beatles decca audition sealed, there seemed to be no more use for the Decca tapes.

Audiion various accounts of the audition have been published, most agree it was Beatles decca audition Roweproducer Mike Smith or ex- Shadow Tony Meehan. The tape auctioned has only the 10 songs, and is on Ampex tape not in use in I never before auxition about the Tremeloes audition! The white box that contains the records is commercial quality as well.

They were usually budget albums, found in the bargain bins of K-Mart and Sears stores.

Although nerves meant The Beatles didn’t perform at their best, all four members and Brian Epstein were confident that the session would inevitably lead to a contract with Decca.

Indeed, while the bootlegs show that certain elements of their success — namely, the harmonies, sense of humor particularly on the Coasters covers and McCartney’s bass playing — were beatles decca audition at this still-early stage, the Beatles seem to be somewhat timid on this session. There was the matter of the date scheduled, to begin with.

I thought they were interesting enough to bring down for a test.