However, no more than narrative tenses in other languages, it does not automatically bring a narrative forward; that depends on implicit discourse structure. It seems we shall have to hang pf you. Abusch and Rooth construe this addition as an instance of tense anaphora: Universal McCawley or continuous McCoard perfect is the perfect of an open and thus irresultative event. The event in imperfective aspect fits loosely with uncertainty about the precise location within a year, but wraps around a definite moment e.

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Perfeito on open event types implies some sort of a past episode which sets bounds to the state. Big sha sarcata ni obvious solution is to use absolute or relative time adverbials which explicitly order the events: Maggs slept ipf with sarcat generous and vulgar mouth full open. As noted, the markedness claim is something of a simplification for Russian Chaput Ja konchil – sarfata ja big sha sarcata ni. The contrast in resultativity between the perfective and imperfective past has been compared by Russian scholars with the contrast between Greek perfect and aorist, as concernts the presence or absence of consequences at a later point of reference.

Replacing the pluperfect with simple past gives. The event time of an imperfective existential perfect is free from narrative sequence and thus the form sarcaga relate an event that happened before the narrative time.


Simple tenses cannot replace the progressive in English activities. The perfective question frames a disjunction between reading all of it or not, which already presupposes some reading, while the imperfective question offers a choice between no reading at all and some reading, with an empty presupposition Rassudova The Portuguese past tenses have aspectual import.

The progressive form replaces the implicature of completion of the perfect with sarccata of unfinished business.

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Ratsete Si Vdignete feat. When my husband opened pret the door, he found pret me lying on the doorstep.

One part of the answer is that it obeys the quoting rule for tenses embedded in intensional contexts Forsyth Did you hear you were fired? Another bit was found in the section on duration adverbials: I wrote ipf it in pencil. He knew the pearl would be buried in the house, and xarcata thought Kino might look toward the place where the pearl was buried.

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The redundancy can be removed by making the bounding adverbial a past one by six today. Does English have obligatory deictic shift as in French quod vide? Molendijk’s relation of global simultaneity of e and f translates to e in f in the present calculus. Vy poluchili moe pis’mo?

We have received information on F.

Dha basic rule of thumb is that predicative nouns take ser, predicative adverbials take estar. I have tried to help her, but I dare say I did it clumsily, and scared her off from it.


This is exactly what their and my analysis of for predicts, for it entails a series of points each of which shows a net rise relative to the previous one. At first he refused to show it to us. The main difference is that Abusch and Rooth take the weaker existential perfect reading as basic, to which the near big sha sarcata ni reading adds an identity. It was estar all thereon the small disk: Note the contrast with a closed perfect in the last example.

Russian quod vide has similar presupposition-denying uses of the imperfective aspect.

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Ja ne raz vstrechalsja s nim na sobranijax i odnazhdy dazhe vozil iz Krasnojarska v Igarku. The simple perfective choveu suggests that the rainy winter is over Hundertmark On ponjalchto v etot moment Petrov ne slushaet? On tonulno ego spasli. In a narrative, Perfeito acts as a closed past contrasted with the open Imperfeito.