Number Total size of video tags in the file in bytes. This tiny update mainly adds support for H dimensions. IS AMF data format available? The resulting FLV file with the metatags. Values in filepositions array are in ‘bytes’. Obviously, using “s in the string is not supported. This parameter is optional.

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For adding onLastSecond event when metadafa are using Flash MX professional video components, you may need to access the NetStream object in the component. Downloads Source code archive flvmeta IS AMF data format available? Date Date and time metadata added. Yes, please contact us with your specific need. Please feel free to clone the flvmeta repository and hack the source code as you want.

FLV MetaData Injector – Flash tools /

metwdata Use the -t option to specify a temporary file. If the output file is ommited, only metadata will be generated. Number Total size of video tags in the file in bytes. The other known free tools flvmdi and flvtool2 are not suitable for that job because they read the whole file into memory.


Highly recommended Flash tools:

The article below should help: If the file name is ‘-‘ the input file will be read from stdin. Earlier versions always injected this event]. You can add the event to NetStream just like onMetaData event. EXE, in the same folder for your convenience.

FLV Metadata Injector for FLV files – Yamdi | Linux Blog

An XML file with the resulting metadata information. This update is tiny and also not thoroughly tested, therefore version 2. Time in milliseconds between keyframes if there is only audio.

This version optionally adds keyframes object to metadata, which has video key frame time and file position arrays. Number Audio delay in seconds. Development is done at Github. This info might be needed because seeking a frame after this time usually does not work. Also files or folders can now be dragged and dropped to the text fields. Flv metadata injector two issues, both rarely encountered, have been fixed.

What info does the injected onMetaData event have? All rights other than granted here belong to Manitu Group. Flv metadata injector 8 encoder delays the video for better synch with audio Audio and video does not start both at time 0, Video starts a bit later. Otherwise, any existing ‘keyframes’ object in the metadata will be deleted. If you are using a video player component, it will get the data for you. In order for it to work correctly, you must place the command line component inside the folder adjacent to the GUI.


Contributing Development is done at Github.

If inFile parameter is a folder, all FLV files metaadta that folder will be processed but not files injecror subfolders. If you find a bug you can post it here.

In contrast with the command line approach, the frontend adopts a more straightforward behavior, stating all of the options in a much clearer manner. Values in flv metadata injector array are in ‘bytes’.

Supported platforms FLVMeta has been successfully compiled and tested on the following platforms: