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Back in , an old Kohaku gives Hitomi a time capsule everyone made using their photography skills, but she is especially touched by a picture book called “The Seven-Colored Penguin” that was the only book she read in color as a child, revealed to be written by Aoi himself and detailing the change of a monochromatic penguin Hitomi to a colorful one with the help of a rabbit Asagi , a flying squirrel Kurumi , a bear Aoi , a dog Yamabuki , a cat Chigusa , and a parrot Kohaku. As the third-years Yamabuki and Kurumi prep for exams, they entrust summer break camp planning to the next president Asagi and vice-president Hitomi. In the middle of the hallway, Aoi requests that Hitomi show some magic to quell the rumours that she is his girlfriend. These experiments prove to be a huge failure though and Kohaku resolves to practise time magic to bring Hitomi back to her original time. Tomo Namiki and Yoshimitsu Tomita are the directors of photography. Hitomi has a talk with Aoi, who promises her that he’s glad he met her and Hitomi works up her determination to investigate the reason she was brought back to this time period. Upon opening it, he witnesses a young Hitomi drawing with monochromatic colors a river dividing a crying princess and queen, which he attempts to brighten up by drawing a boat, a bird and later a rainbow bridge for the princess to cross, but Hitomi rejects them all.

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Asagi and Hitomi reconcile eating parfaits together. After the party, Aoi uses the sand after turning off the lights and is bathed in a glow of stars, along with a golden fish that jumps into his drawing device. Natsuiro Kiseki Eureka Seven: After school though, Kohaku informs Hitomi that the train was caused by her instead, and suspects that she has a dormant power within her.

Aoi having just finished looking at an exhibition set up by his friend and Hitomi on her way home with Kohaku. Hitomi is returned to the future just as everyone wishes her goodbye, but only Kohaku knows that the time magic she cast didn’t do the trick, instead Hitomi’s own unconscious erasure of colors from her vision was the limit that had broken the time magic Kohaku’s future self cast.

Kurumi requests that Hitomi keep this conversation between them but Chisuga overhears it and shows her the various photos that he had taken of her during club activities, encouraging her that she’ll find things she loves for sure in the future. Aoi tells Hitomi about the golden fish that appeared, recalling how it was featured in some of his drawings before, but its first appearance was in an art competition in elementary school where he won first place with it.


Asagi struggles with her one-sided feelings for Yamabuki, especially after a fortune-telling told her romantic luck to be at its worst with an eminent arrival of a rival, Hitomi constantly practises with her magic to achieve satisfactory results after seeing how it made Aoi happy, and Aoi is having difficulty expressing his thoughts through art after opting to go job-hunting instead of pursuing art school.

Hitomi Tsukishiro

The next day, Kurumi holds a photo shoot where everyone dresses up in formal wear and tsukishuro photos outside, but Hitomi accidentally wanders into Aoi’s drawing. For club activities the next day, Hitomi, accompanied by Kohaku, goes to the school roof with everyone to take photos of the night skyline, wanting to create a new kind of theme for a more interesting presentation that combines both photography and art for the upcoming Cultural Festival.

The next day however, Hitomi’s sense of colors is gone again.

Hitomi herself, is unwilling to go back. The episode anime television series is animated by studio P. One day, her mother left and from there Hitomi always believed that it was a punishment for her to be happy with her ability irozuou being unable to notice her mother’s sorrow and make her happy again, therefore believing that magic was something that tore at their relationship and leading to its hatred.

Hitomi Tsukishiro (Irozuku Sekai no Ashita kara) –

Although she produces a sparkle of stars from her hands, Hitomi is reminded of her hatred for magic. When Hitomi hesitantly worries for her, Kurumi tells Hitomi that Yamabuki wants to pursue photography at university while Aoi is irozkuu for a national university like her as well, possibly to pursue art, confessing that they have the same motivation and passion like her sister that she lacks.

Having known Aoi since elementary school, Yamabuki shows Hitomi a photo of it, but this unexpectedly gets Asagi jealous again after seeing the two walk together and she determines to make him see her as a woman. Kurumi decides tsukkishiro photography is her first priority for now and resolves to work hard for it. As the third-years Yamabuki and Kurumi prep for exams, they entrust summer break camp planning to the next president Asagi and vice-president Hitomi.

Her grandmother, Kohaku, decides to use time magic to transport Hitomi tsukishrio in time to meet her year-old self, in hopes to end her granddaughter’s suffering. The next few days bring intense preparation for the Magic Photography Art Club, but while hitlmi up Hitomi suddenly disappears only to reappear again, remarking as if time stopped for a moment and arousing Kohaku’s worries. As first-year student Chisuga Fukasawa stays behind with Kurumi after telling her some ghost stories and scaring her, the rest proceed to the roof where in the midst of work, Yamabuki decides to hotomi between the two members igozuku the Tsukishiro family by calling them via their first names, but Aoi decides to only call Kohaku by her first name for a distinction.


Hitomi, having regained the people and emotions she lost as a child, returns to her life with renewed vigour and joy.

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Asagi also begins to get wind that something is up and tells Hitomi that she should give the confessor a proper answer, which Hitomi does the following day. Kohaku finally returns from England via ship and uses her magic to create an illusion of her school in London using some photos, but an oncoming train accidentally causes dust from the engine to fall all over everyone and the teacher.

However, when questioned about it, Aoi snaps at Hitomi and this causes friction between the two, who avoid each other until they accidentally bump into each other: Minamigaoka’s various clubs start organising a presentation-cum-fair to encourage first-years to join.

The two follow it into the darkness but Aoi soon realises that Hitomi is missing, with a statue of her turned into stone in front of him next to a heavy bamboo door.

The World in Colors Promotional art for the series. Hitomi decides to show her an azurite earring Kohaku gave her back in the future to prove her relationship to their lineage, but discovers that she dropped it by accident after hiding under Aoi’s bed. Despite the poor quality of her magic, Aoi wishes to see it one more time in the future, and in return lets her look at his drawing again.

There, amidst a colorful scenery of a sky nightline reflected in the water where the golden fish swims, she continues deeper until the scenery suddenly changes past a series of clouds to a deserted wasteland. Guided to the magic shop, Hitomi finds that her grandmother had left for England to study magic, and is met with her grandmother’s grandmother instead, who generously provides her lodging.

Glad that her magic could make someone happy, Yamabuki witnesses her practising magic late at night on school grounds, creating a shower of stars. Returning to the present, Hitomi decides to tell Aoi about her past: