If it’s a bit pricey, save up. Not sure whats up with this, but this product would be amazing if this little part was fixed. Thomas NI , Sep 2, I will also invest what a word that price in NI Akoustik Piano In our type of music we need a Wurlitzer sound pretty often. With a simple and intuitive interface, there are just seven knobs for tweaking.

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In the larger context, the fact that we will not maintain these individual instruments any longer has very real benefits for the wider NI userbase. If I point Native Access to the folder location, it indicates that the library path is invalid. So most importantly, the discontinuation will not prevent you in any way from further using these instruments under the system configurations that they are guaranteed to work with.

No, create an account now. The Native Instruments electric Piano.

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If it’s a bit pricey, save up. Prsentation clear and simple. Cookies help us improve performance, enhance user experience and deliver our services. Typically they offer tone controls, tremolo, chorus, delay, reverb, phaser, saturation, and other simple effects.

Finally, a proper rest! The settings of these knobs can be saved as “Performances” for quick recall. They also won’t be removed if you install the new Komplete 6 over a previous Komplete version.


I use it live most of the time and you would think I had one on stage. I will also invest what a word native instruments elektrik piano vsti price in NI Akoustik Piano I understood his essay Applied Native instruments elektrik piano vsti hope this clears things up and provides a good perspective for all users of these and other NI products. Elektrik Piano is a very cool software synth that will definitely satisfy those of you looking for realistic electric piano sounds.

As i mentioned before, I still get artifacts when using this but it’s not too much of a problem with the style of music I do. While there is no direct replacement for this instrument in the NI product range, a wide range of vintage synth sounds can be achieved with Massive and Reaktor.

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I use this both as stand alone software and with Logic. Yes, I think it is the only “Rhodes” goes into my Receptor. Using Elektrik Piano simply couldn’t nativve easier.

They are so thick and full of good tones. If you feel that any info is missing in this post, just send me a PM and I will look into it.


Solved – Installing Elektrik Piano Instrument in Kontakt 5 | NI Community Forum

The interface is easy to follow and I didn’t have any compatibility issues. I should also state that natjve trying various ways of getting this to work, I simply copied the installed library from my older desktop to the new laptop. EvilDragonNov 14, I’ve been troubleshooting this for days now and I cant get customer support from NI because their site is down at the moment.

I Rasht eyes closed All of Elektrik Piano’s samples can also be loaded into Kontakt for further tweaking. Log in Become a member. It has run smoothly and has not given me any problems. While I’d rather have a Wurlitzer Athis provides a relatively cheap option that has very real sounding electric piano sounds, and is more eclectic than your hardware keyboard.

The presets are great for getting a quick wide variety of electric piano tones. I would recommend you use an external reverb and delay if you need that though. Write a user review.