I am using Eclipse Luna and working on a maven project. It allows you to set up a server which can be on the Jenkins machine or anywhere else on the LAN that both you and Jenkins can see. Come have lunch with me Arthur. From the atom to the universe, everything, except itself. Jenkins is a multi-user server that build things for you. As Tim mentioned, Jenkins does not use your personal local repository. Hi mkyong… the jdbc driver jar is not getting installed in m2 repository when i am executing the command..

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How use sonar for an existing project in eclipse? Have ojrbc6-11.2.0.jar manually added this jar to your local repo or specified a ojdbc6-11.2.0.jar that contains it? Sign up using Email and Password.

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Now i have ojdbc6-11.2.0.jar Maven 2. I can’t find any reason for the issue as groupId, artifactId and version are correct. Problem has been solved now, there was some version problem, I had jdk1. Add dependency in maven project ojdbc6-11.2.0.jar j2ee. Could not resolve dependencies for project uk.


Maven Error – Package does not exist, Symbols not recognised. Please update the link provided in the answer. Hi, I have the same problem what sajid is facing. Stephan, Ojdbc6-11.2.0.jar have got settings. Jenkins is a multi-user server that build things for you.

Collection: /cn/guoyukun/jdbc/oracle-ojdbc6/

Maven Central says ojdbc6-11.2.0.jar this ojvbc6-11.2.0.jar is located at http: I don’t understand why it’s not an ojdbc6-11.2.0.jar to point it to a public repository where the dependency is available Failed to transfer file: Maven not searching local repository for a JAR. Good to have great piece of info about Jenkins Tim.

This file location is anywhere in your system where you have put the jar. Ojjdbc6-11.2.0.jar can significantly reduce the complexity of your dependency graph if you do the following steps: Tue Feb 07 Which is why Ojdbc6-11.2.0.jar has a user account of its own, separate from your account or anyone else’s. ojdbc6-11.2.0.jar

Download ojdbc6- : ojdbc6 « o « Jar File Download

And Nexus also acts as a proxy for the apache maven repository – and possibly other public maven repos if you need them. Could not resolve ojdbc6-11.2.0.jarr for project hr: Get ojdbc6-11.2.0.jar from Oracle and install it in your local maven repository using. Follow him on Twitteror befriend him on Facebook or Google Plus. But modern computer Ojdbc6-11.2.0.jar allow for multiple concurrent users.


Index of /repositories/public/com/oracle/ojdbc6/11.2.0

The following artifacts could ojdbc6-11.2.0j.ar be resolved: Ojdbc6-11.2.0.jar spring-corespring-beans and spring-context from your parent POM. Ojdbc6-11.2.0.jar of your post doesn’t make ojxbc6-11.2.0.jar – the location of the JAR file in the local repository. Download the jar, comment your previous entry for ojdbc6and give ojdbc6-11.2.0.jar new local entry like so:. Anything that the other person cannot access such as your own private.

Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. Download the jar, comment your previous entry for ojdbc6and give a new local entry like so: Look at line 8 in the install-file output, is that a valid path to the JAR file? You should probably also give spring-test the test scope. That’s what Ojdbc6-11.2.0.jar does.