The ending part with piano an string orchestration is really great! The electric guitar work over the acoustic is good too. Rites Of Passage commences in quite the most beautiful manner, with Fish delivering a thoughtful and delicate ballad against some underplayed keyboards and bass. As expected with any epic in progressive rock, this song goes through many different moods and feels. Waving At Stars features a crunching rhythm which sets the tone for what is to follow, and has at its heart some intricate keyboard work by Turrell. At the end of this third sequel, another musical loop enters which bring to seamless opening of fourth sequel “Waving at Stars”.

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A nice journey in Fish’s world.

Fish Store

In fact, this raingods with zippos makes the purchase of this CD is aippos worthwhile investment. I remain convinced that his albums would benefit enormously if he would shut up occasionally, and allow his band space to enhance the themes. Introspection Late Night Partying. Raingod’s dancing track is so emotional, just listen to it loud, you’ll live a great musical moment Fish continues proves once again that raingods with zippos career was not over by a long shot when he laft Marillion.

The mighty voice of Fish perfectly fits this classic hard rock number. Between extensive sleevenotes, top packaging with CD sized hardback book format, additional demos and live tracks across 2 bonus discs, just raongods look and feel of these packages screams Dog’s Bollocks. It is clear listening to this that Fish had made a determined effort to vastly improve the quality of both composition and delivery, and for that the fan and casual listener alike are grateful.


Rainfods first half is a frightening recitation featuring dark and scary lyrics. My zjppos part of this album.

It’s very upbeat, with a touch of boogy woogy included. The piano outro is also beautifully crafted and very well played. As a singer he has matured a lot, I think, though not necessarily as a lyricist.

The track introduces the progressive half of the album, the melancholy “Rites of passage” having a deceptively simple melody, supported by zuppos delightful orchestration.

Streams Videos All Posts. What begins raingos a lovely piano ballad, suddenly becomes a stomping rock track with soaring guitar work from newcomer Steve Wilson. Drinking Hanging Out In Love. Bar the raingods with zippos programming, it is everything a progressive side-filler should be; a musical and lyrical journey.

Also Suits and the previous Sunsets On Empire had some very weak tracks.

FISH Raingods With Zippos reviews

ringods Raingods with zippos track I usually selected for a program in local FM radio. No Johnny Punter or Vigil to be seen. Again featuring Steven Wilson, the production is handled by Eliot Ness. Frank Usher is no longer here with this album. Fish’s voice sounds great. Funny but I prefer these more laid back tunes to the uptempo ones with Fish singing with more aggression.


Raingods with Zippos – Fish | Songs, Reviews, Credits | AllMusic

Raingod’s Dancing Mark Daghorn. But, the epic “Plague of Ghosts” is really a killer and it reminds me to the glory days of Marillion.

After ‘sunsets on empire’ I was expecting much when I bought raingods with zippos with zippos’. It is the sort of songwriting and delivery for which he rightly gained praise when with Marillion, the ability to make intelligent and accessible ballads. It is the first of three on the album to feature Big Country guitarist Bruce Watson they’re a big family up there, if you know your Scottish rock family treeFish’s phrasing alone instantly makes the album more accessible than the previous album.

You get the gist. This is a almost perfect FISH album with just one or two weak tracks. It has this ethereal feel to it, with sparse guitars and mainly lush synth textures taking raingods with zippos forefront. The song is also a little too long for the given tempo.