He’s manipulative, borderline sadistic, selfish, and greedy. And this is where the book started making me uncomfortable. Though readers must wait until the very end of the book for this moral payoff, they can rest assured that it will get there eventually. Aspen is a pretty terrible person, and some thins felt like they trailed off without being quite closed, but also not like they were open ended. Crazy for Young A It sets you up for the expectation of an atypical story; and that is indeed what it delivers. Now, that may sound like a cop-out, like a classic case of excusing the bad guy because he comes from a bad background, but part of what this book meditates on is the sense of entitlement many, many people feel, particularly when they’re young and have less life experience under their belts.

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She is fond of wine, cheese, and countries where they speak English but with really cool accents. I got sucked in by the title and description. Aspen literally steals Brandy’s agency, and I would have liked to see a much deeper discussion of what effect his ribar sam star may have on sgar future, rather than leaving it at his feeling sad for her leaving.

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Aspen is described as a “snarky” protagonist, but I found him concerning, and morally compromised. Some of those behaviors are explained and justified later, but that doesn’t help to diminish the roughness that the reader has already experienced. To ask other readers questions ribar sam star Rocks Fall, Everyone Diesplease sign up. But he’s just like; The book is suspenseful, and follows Aspen as he tries to piece together the truth about the cliff, and the ritual his family performs.


He thinks he’s looking at her as a whole person because he considers her interests, but the only reason he considers those is because she happens to share a lot of the same interests he does, and that made me think that the bulk of his attraction to her was because he thought she was a hot female version of himself.

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It wasn’t too fantastical, and sta was nicely wrapped up in a mystery that did keep me turning the pages. He’s manipulative, borderline sadistic, selfish, and greedy. However, it does have one of the sickest burns I’ve read in a long time: Instead, the book kind of treats this particular offense as something like a love potion wearing off, but it was so much more than that.

Books by Lindsay Ribar. Return to Book Page. Aspen convinces himself that he’s in ribar sam star with Eam, but what he takes for love is an entirely self-serving emotion.

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She is a feminist and not afraid to tell Aspen the truth. I was expecting it to be fine, but nothing special or really engaging. Ribra doesn’t mean that I didn’t get completely pissed staf at him though, and practically laughed in his face when his world imploded around him.

The climax and lead up to the climax was great ribar sam star I was totally into it. More than anything, I’d argue that this is a book not about a teenage stsr magical abilities, but about human psychology. In fact, if I were to read this book again, I’d be sorely tempted to read the back cover just to get the basic premise and then start at, say, chapter eight.


It was a good book that didn’t take too long to read.

At times, Aspen reminded me of Killgrave for Jessica Jones, just less murder-y. Ribar sam star picked this one because of the title. I was expecting a lot more from the ending and was a little disappointed with how open-ended it was. He was honestly just awful. Some readers are likely to find it deplorable and deeply unsettling that the main character in this book uses mind-altering rjbar to elicit and maintain a sexual relationship with a year-old girl.

H I think this book had a lot of potential that it never fully lived up to. July 11th, 5 10 Jul 12, Even when the cliff doesn’t need repairing.

It’s not uncommon for books to feature anti-heroes or even villains as protagonists, but, in such situations, it really, really helps to give the reader a break every now and then. I also appreciate that there was a concerted effort to examine the experiences and necessary unpleasantries that contribute to the construction of human compassion.

As such, it’s hard for me to recommend buying this book – although it has potential, I really think that it could’ve done with some intensive restructuring. I really liked the characters in this book and dtar complicated relationship between Ribar sam star and his best friends. Feb 25, Claire rated it liked it Shelves: Drews rated it liked it Shelves: The only thing that made me want to finish this book was the plot.