Persian – Vabastat Shodam great music! Although Ghomayshi’s voice might not be considered powerful in the classic sense, his warmth is engaging and his songs are very intimate. Siavash Sohrab – Kam Lotfi 4: Siavash Ghomayshi – Jangaleh Bedooneh Reesheh 4: Ghomayshi has also had significant involvement in albums released by various musical compatriots, especially Ebi’s Stars and Night of Morning Glory, which attracted considerable attention.

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Siavash Ghomeyshi – Fasele 5: Siavash Sohrab – Kam Lotfi 4: Siavash gomeshi – Too baroon thomeishi rafti 3: We can’t find the app on your device. Siavash ghomeishi – Alaki 3: Shahram Nazeri – Molavieh sheyda Shodam.

Moein – 08 Tolou iran music 5: Siavash Ghomayshi – Parvaz 3: Siavash Ghomayshi – Ghooroob 4: Download the free Slacker Radio app and listen as long as you like. Or get the Slacker Radio Ghommeishi to play this station — and hundreds more! To hear more, download our mobile app for iOS or Android. Emad Talebzadeh – Asheghet Shodam Remix. Siavash Ghomeishi – Farangis.


Siavash Ghomeyshi – Navazesh 2: Need to sign up? Roozbeh Bemani – Khasteh Shodam.

Siavash Ghomayshi – Khaste Shodam (DJelf RemiX) by DJ ELF – Listen to music

Siavash Shams – Baroon 4: Siavash Ghomayshi was born in in Ahvaz, Iran. Siavash Ghomayshi – Yadegari new.

Siavash Ghomayshi – Hanooz 4: Get the Slacker Radio App for the best experience on your device! Manage News Not now.


Sherry Bijan – Dobareh Hkaste Shodam. Siavash Ghomayshi – Aadat 5: Siavash Shams – Laleh 5: Siavash – Rasme Roozegar 3: Persian – Vabastat Shodam great music! Some User Sample Msg. He worked with some U.

Siavash Ghomayshi | Free Internet Radio | Slacker Radio

No, there’s nothing wrong with your ears. Siavash – Hollywood Suspects Moein – Parandeh 3: Siavash Ghomayshi – Navazesh new. Artist Siavash Ghomayshi 0, css: Siavash Shams – Khoshhalam Remix 3: